Natures Gallery


Natures Gallery

2124 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19103

Welcome to Natures Gallery Florist, a taste of European styling in the heart of Rittenhouse Square. And because they are one of the premier florist in the city their customers expect the kind of attention to detail that creates spectacular and creative designs. So when they began preparing for their move to the their new location they wanted to make a statement with their store space.

The statement was made so clearly you can hear it as you pass by on the street. It begins with a window display where Gabriella can show of her work. And is complemented by a two story arched window and chandeliers that won’t allow you to pass their space without taking a peek into natures gallery. When you enter Nature’s Gallery it is hard to miss the fireplace and the loft where event customers can go over their plans and see their sample pieces. The final new feature in Natures Gallery is a custom library-built-in that spans the two story expanse and covers the entire left hand wall. It is a beautiful shop.