Designing 1500 Locust Street Condominium

1500 Locus Street Philadephia
1500 Locus Street Philadephia
1500 Locus Street Philadephia

Redesigning the Lobby of the 1500 Locust Street Condominiums

The management of the 1500 Locust Street Condominiums wanted to overhaul the lobby of their building. The redesign includes major changes to the face of the lobby in addition to moving services like the security desk, mail boxes, and the package room. When the lobby was finished they wanted a space that provided the same services and had a friendly atmosphere where people could meet their friends and guest.

The Challenge: A Working Lobby for 1500 Locust Street

1500 Locust Street Lobby

Moving forward, the plan was to replace the walls, add new molding to the ceiling, and add cove lighting and a chandelier to center the space. We would then finish the space off by moving the basic services, security desk, mail boxes, and package room followed by adding new furniture. The challenge however is that the lobby is a central location that the residents have to use. Likewise the residents have to have access to the services. Hence the lobby had to remain open during the entire renovation. During this process the safety and security of the residents of 1500 Locust Street had to be our top concern.

Solution: An Out-of-Door Experience Brought Inside

1500 Locust Street

This isn’t a hard problem to solve. In fact any designer who works in the hospitality industry must encounter it at some point in time. The answer is roving scaffolding. We had to create a path from the elevators to the services and out the door. By doing this we could work in an area and still keep the tenants safe. Then as we finished work we moved the scaffolding and began working in another area.

The furniture which should have been the easy part of the project was back ordered due to a flaw in the upholstery fabric. The holidays were quickly approaching and management wanted the lobby completed for before the season began. Fortunately the fabric came in and the furniture was complete but the was not enough time for a standard freight company to pick up and deliver the furniture in time. DSGNTeC rented a truck and two drivers to go to High Point, NC and pick up the furniture and return immediately back to Philadelphia and install the furniture the next day. We beat the deadline by 12 hours, a close one but all is well that ends well.

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