Brittingham’s Restaurant Opens to Rave Reviews

Brittingham’s Restaurant

Brittingham’s Restaurant and Irish Pub has been a staple of Lafayette Hill since 1743. And in 2013, Brittingham’s went through a complete overhaul thanks to it new owners Randy Feinberg and David Eckelmeyer. The new owners teamed up with Morrissey Design to craft the new architecture and DSGNTeC Interior Design to transform the interior. In keeping with the historical perspective of a building that has been serving the Lafayette Hills community for 270 years, the front facade and bar area were structurally maintained. The dining areas, that were added in the 70’s, were blown out and expanded. The outdoor areas were expanded and to top it off a wrap-around fire pit was added.

The original stone structure has tripled in size to form the new restaurant. There is exterior seating around the side snuggled between the building and the new surrounding fire pit. Additional exterior seating can be found up the stairs on the second floor. The exterior of the renovated building turned out fantastic and will elevate Brittingham’s visibility in the Lafayette Hills community.

To complement the changes to the interior and exterior, the menu has been updated. And since November 25th when Brittingham’s reopened to the public, the food has received great reviews. Check out the local reviews to see what people are saying!

Brittingham’s Restaurant Interior

Brittingham's Restaurant Color Panel

In addition to the renovated entryway and bathrooms, there are three main interior dining areas: The Tin Bar, The Elephant Bar, and The Elk Room. Britttingham’s was a massive project. And a lot of care was taken to ensure that the atmosphere flowed seamlessly from space to space throughout the entire building.

A local photographer took shots of the area. The photography became the art for the entire restaurant. Some images were transfered to canvas like a painting. Others were turned into prints, And some were left as photos. The combination creates a pleasant experience where Brittingham patrons recognize the many different landmarks in their area.

Brittinghams is a casually elegant establishment, relaxing comfortable and beautiful, where friends aen family will meet to not only enjoy the chef’s excellent fare, but surroundings and an environment you won’t want to leave.

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